My influences . . .

. . . in 1976 I got to see Jeff Beck play liveā€¦ from then on I knew I wanted to play in a band.

Mostly self taught, I play in a style reminiscent of

  • Eric Clapton
  • Carlos Santana
  • JJ Cale & Stevie Ray Vaughan


also more electric Blues styles like

  • Freddie King
  • Magic Sam
  • Muddy Waters and Elmore James.


Living in South Florida, early on, I played in a lot of Southern Rock bands covering songs by The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band and The Outlaws.

I was also a big Cream and Led Zeppelin fan as a teenager so sort of discovered Blues music from English guitar players.

These days I incorporate a lot of the styles I learned as a teenager; hopefully it comes out sounding like me